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Paper Masking Tapes

Paper Masking Tapes

Classic Crepe Paper Masking Tape is a high performance, general purpose, paper tape with natural rubber adhesive that sticks and holds effectively to a variety of surfaces such as wood, paper, fiberboard, glass, plastic, metal, etc. and removes cleanly with no residue.

Key Features

  • Rubber adhesive offers excellent holding power for reliable performance
  • Crepe paper backing is easy to tear by hand and sliver resistant
  • Special treatment for smooth release offers easy use and unwind
  • Removes cleanly without damaging the subsurface, with no adhesive marks after removal
  • Durable, with Long Shelf Life


  • Classic Crepe Paper Masking Tape has sufficient tensile strength for commercial and industrial applications
  • Laminate bonding on board by carpenters
  • Commercial and residential painting and construction
  • Industrial masking, holding, bundling, packaging, lane marking, splicing, and surface protection
  • DIY bundling, labeling, sealing, temporary repairs, etc.

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