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Floor Marking Tapes

Floor Marking Tapes

Classic Floor Marking Tape is made of a PVC (plasticized polyvinyl chloride) as carrier material which is coated with a premium grade natural rubber adhesive. It has high resistance to solvents, oil and water. Floor marking tape is used for area demarcation, identification of hazardous regions and as safety warning.

Widely used in facility aisles, equipment storage and wall storage. Denote the location of fire extinguishers or other fire fighting equipment. Marking of internal sporting courts such as volleyball court, football court and badminton court Ideal for general purpose warning and marking such as hazard warning to increase danger awareness. Suited for Car Wash Station, Emergency Exit, Gym, Exhibition, Construction Site, Traffic Lane, Automotive Industry, etc.

It is used in place of paints. Paint is smelly where tape will not emit smell. No need to apply over and over again and easy to remove. Paint will fade easily whereas tape will last longer. Floor marking tape is very popular and a must have for companies opting for ISO certifications or other compliance audits. It is also commonly known as Social Distancing Tape.

Standard Colours:

Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow-Black Zebra

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