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Glass Cloth Tapes

Glass Cloth Tapes

Glass Cloth Tapes are tapes with woven fiberglass backing that imparts high temperature resistance and thermal stability and offers outstanding abrasion resistance for a large number of applications. Rubber thermosetting adhesive system give the tape excellent solvent resistance.

It is often used for high temperature applications requiring high tensile strength and good holding power. They offer outstanding flexibility and conformability. These tapes are unique in that they produce little edge fray and little to no dust.

Key Features:

  • Strong abrasion resistant woven fiberglass backing provides high temperature resistance and thermal stability, and strength for bundling, harnessing and protection applications requiring high tensile strength
  • Rubber thermosetting adhesive provides good holding power and clean removal across a wide range of temperatures
  • Thickness of 180mic to 200mic

Recommended Applications:

Glass Cloth Tape is used in applications requiring high temperature resistance, high adhesion, abrasion resistant and flame-retardant properties. Coil insulation wrap, relay coverings, protective insulating wrap on solenoid coils, splicing on electrical transmission lines.

  • Permanent sealing of high temperature ducts or chambers
  • Back-up strip for submerged arc welding
  • Bundling, holding and wire harnessing
  • Sealing thermal and acoustic insulation panels
  • Temperature insulation in electrical appliances like air conditioners
  • Automobile and Aircraft window sealing and electrical appliances
  • Motor repair shops for bundling and banding heavy gauge magnet wire

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