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Double Sided Tissue Tapes

Double Sided Tissue Tapes

Classic Double-Sided Tissue Tapes are made from non woven-tissue paper coated on both sides with adhesive and laminated with release paper. Combining a tissue carrier that tears by hand with a durable adhesive, our Double-Sided Tissue Tape is excellent for applications requiring a firm bond, added stability and ease of handling and conversion. Double Sided Tissue is recommended for mounting light objects and may be used to laminate cork, paper, plastic, and textiles. It also provides a great surface for efficient die cutting and laminating.

Key Features

  • Dimensional stability for effective bonding
  • Applies easily to a range of substrates
  • High initial tack
  • Excellent peel performance
  • Long-term bond to substrates including stainless steel and polyethylene
  • The polycoated liner makes the tape easy to handle and apply


  • Mounting light objects like paper, plastic, and textiles
  • Lamination and fastening in paper, plastic and printing industries
  • Leather mounting and lamination in leather industry
  • For computerised embroidery in garment industry
  • Membrane switch mounting in electronics industry
  • Plate mounting in printing industry
  • Adhere posters & envelopes
  • DIY art and craft

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