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Double Sided Foam Tapes

Double Sided Foam Tapes

Classic Double-Sided Foam tapes are made from EVA Foam coated on both sides with acrylic adhesive and laminated with release paper.

Double Sides Foam Tapes are excellent for applications where gap-filling properties, to often uneven surfaces, are required.

Suitable for several indoor and outdoor applications including signs, nameplates, plaques, decorative trim and in electrical and electronic applications. Also, for mounting accessories and spares parts in cars, refrigerators, stationery and houses.

It has good elongation property, anti vibrating, strong crack resistance, high resistance to heat , water and moisture, with high seal property.

Key Features

  • Applicable for permanent fixing on irregular surface
  • Dimensional stability for effective bonding
  • Applies easily to a range of substrates
  • High initial tack and excellent peel performance
  • Good elongation property, anti vibrating
  • High resistance to heat, humidity, water and moisture
  • High resistance to mild acids, oil and grease
  • The polycoated liner makes the tape easy to handle and apply

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